Why I Hate AdWords


I’m using AdWords for really long time. Till this period everything was going well with my account on AdWords. I was buying stuffs, selling products and services, giving support to other customers, etc. But, something went wrong. I got AdWords suspension and I lost everything.

adwords-1 I’m wondering why this happened to my account and why I got an AdWords suspension. According to a research that I did on this topic, I found out some different ways about why AdWords is suspending accounts and how you can recover from this process even if you lose everything on your old AdWords account.

So, the main question for me was what happens when I become suspended by AdWords? First, when I got the AdWords suspension, I lost all my auctions and all my AdWords fees are immediately due.

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Also, when you are making an AdWords account it is necessary to write your ID number, credit card number, e-mail address, home address, your phone, your IP address and much other basic information for you. This means that when you will get an AdWords suspension all these information for you are kept in AdWords base and the system will recognize you as a suspended user whenever you will want to use your old AdWords account.


After I answer myself this main question, I was wondering what the best solution is to solve this problem and keep back my AdWords account. The best way is to create a new AdWords account where actually I will become someone else. This means that I cannot back all my information from my suspended AdWords account.

When I inform myself about the solution for AdWords suspension that I got, I decide to create a new AdWords account and I advise you to do the same. Creating a new AdWords account is easy if you follow the procedure step by step. All steps for creating a new AdWords account must be followed in the exact order and you need to be careful to not make any mistake and mix the steps. If you somehow mix the steps, lose some step, or cut some step in the procedure of creating a new AdWords account you are ricking to lose your account and be suspended again.


The order of creating a new account is: first delete your browser cookies and saved passwords, then uninstall any 3rd party AdWords software, after that change your IP address and create a new email address from Gmail or Yahoo, then add that new email to your Paypal account and then create a new AdWords account with the Gmail or Yahoo email. After all this you should create a seller account with a new Credit Card and Bank Info and this will be your last step in the process of creating a new account after an AdWords suspension.

Remember that you need to follow all these steps, one by one and your procedure of creating new AdWords account will be successful. AdWords sometimes can suspend our accounts even if we have negative feedbacks. However, the reason is not that important like finding the solution for how to come back everything that you lose after the suspended account by AdWords. 





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