Why AdWords is Banning Advertisers


Google AdWords has recently cracked down on stricter policies to protect its users against unethical advertising practices.


Some advertisers are receiving anything from a suspension to a lifelong ban from the network for failing to adhere to the restrictions Google has put into place.

By imposing and acting on a more stringent set of terms, Google is providing a safe and legal service for consumers. Here are some common reasons why AdWords is banning advertisers.

  1. Misleading ads

With the Internet often comes a variety of scams and frauds looking to deceive users. Google is therefore strictly enforcing its ban on misleading promotions and false advertisements that look to tempt users into interacting with them. One instance of these scams includes false and outrageous claims used by advertisers selling dietary supplements, a scam that Google has worked diligently to remove.

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  1. Targeting trademark keywords or terms

Company brands such as Apple, Disney, Gucci and many more are often abused by advertisers looking to fraud customers into buying their offered products. AdWords therefore also bases its policies on protecting patented keywords in the use of ad content, and works to provide protection by following up on trademark owners’ complaints of such fraudulent activity. Using these complaints as a source for investigation into dishonest advertisers, customers can feel more at ease with the products that are being marked to them.

  1. Low quality websites

Some AdWords users have been banned for the poor quality of their landing pages. Users that do not adhere to Google’s site quality guidelines, evaluated on premises such as relevance to the ad and original text, can be banned from the site. Basically, users must ensure that their landing page and ads contain similar terms and are exactly alike in subject matter. These guidelines help enhance the professionalism of the sites, and reject landing pages that may be unsafe for users. Adhering to these guidelines will improve the overall quality score of the page, and reduce the likelihood of being banned.

  1. Counterfeit goods

The promotion of counterfeit goods through AdWords is another reason that users are being banned. These fake goods are passed off as authentic products in order for advertisers to attract customers to sell illegally to. By banning advertisers who promise fake goods to customers, Google is guaranteeing that its users are not being cheated.


  1. Failure to pay invoice on time

One of the most obvious common reasons that AdWords bans its advertisers is because of their inability to pay invoice bills on time. Users are required to pay for their ads to be posted, and refusal to do so can result in the termination of their account. In summary, pay your bills, so you won’t get banned and can keep capitalizing on the marketing services that Google can provide for you.

These are the various reasons that AdWords may ban some of its advertisers. By enforcing a stricter set of policies, Google maintains its clean, reputable services and ensures that its users can feel comfortable clicking on ads.





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