Top 5 AdWords Suspension Reasons


As you know you  can increase the sales of your products and services if your advertise with Google.


For this purpose Adwords has set some rules for companies they have to stick to, to ensure the legitimacy of the advertisers on its record. But sometimes advertisers get their AdWords account suspended or are banned to display their ads through it due to various reasons. Some of the most common reasons used are discussed below

  1. Dishonest ads: If the ad of the advertiser is confusing due to offering products at ridiculously low price or promising unbelievable free products then AdWords can remove his ads from the stipulated spots. A customer visits Adwords to get genuine information. So the advertiser should post an ad on AdWords not to deliver fake products and services to his customers but to get more and more clicks to convert them into real consumers. So, to save your AdWords account from suspension you should avoid posting misleading ads as per the rules of AdWords.

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  1. Use of branded keywords: In terms of AdWords rules, pointing towards certain brand name in the ads is also a serious legal offence similar to posting dishonest ads. You cannot use a brand name unless you are dealing in the products and services related to that company otherwise your ads can be removed from this platform. Such tricks are also considered as a kind of false or misleading advertisement. If your keywords are directly linked with your products and services then you can use such targeted keywords to avoid the suspension of your AdWords account.
  2. Non-compliance with the standards set by AdWords: This reason for banning your advertisement on AdWords may not have legal implications but it affects the professional status and quality of the advertising platform. Most companies spend lots of time and money on creating user friendly websites just for making money from their users but they do not focus on the quality of their website. The visitors get information about the professional status of the business just through the quality of its website. In fact by navigating through the website and checking out its links you can ensure better experience to the visitors. So to avoid the suspension of your AdWords account you should ensure to provide a better website otherwise it can be pulled out anytime.
  3. Sale of illegal products: The banning of your advertisement by Adwords is sure if you are selling illegal products, openly or secretly, through it. Being a professional listing website AdWords expects that the products and services promoted through it should be reputable and legitimate.
  4. Non-confirmation of payment details to AdWords: The suspension of your account with AdWords cannot be avoided if you have not paid their invoice on time or confirmed the details of payment. It indicates that you do not believe in fair business. It not only hurts the reliability of your business but also its fairness.

Thus, these reasons are commonly used for banning an advertisement at AdWords or suspending an Adwords account.


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