Top 4 Reasons AdWord’s Suspends Accounts


Google Adwords is an Amazon platform for many small businesses around the world looking to drive traffic to their sites and, subsequently, create profit.

However, for a time way back, there was a time that Google Adwords shut down site after site without any response or explanation as to why they banned the accounts in the first place.

While Google Adwords has become better at communicating what gets accounts and businesses ban from using Adwords, its still best to know the reasons why it happens in the first place. Here are the most common reasons on why accounts are suspended or banned by Google Adwords.

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1. Deceptive Content
Nobody likes to be tricked or deceived, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise why Adwords would ban sites with deceptive content. By deceptive, this means outright misleading the customer. For example, you own a consulting website for startups and you advertise your services to be completely free. However, the catch is, it’s only free for members or, you really are charging $100 that will only appear at the and of the transaction.

2. Cloaking
Cloaking is a practice associated with SEO writing. And this is one of the things and practices that are hard to pinpoint and prove. Its when the Google employees see a different website from what the Adword users see. Since this is hard to prove, it usually goes past the officials but when its caught, your site will go down faster than you could say “No”.

3. Multiple Ad Serving
Who, in this day and age, hasn’t been annoyed even once by an advertisement flashing or popping up on your screen? If you say, you, then you’re lying. Advertisements done well are great experiences but when it gets in the way of the website or application experience than its something that can get on people’s nerves. Imagine then, if you’re faced with a site or page that deals out multiple ad servings.
Companies who practice multiple ad servings create multiple Adwords accounts and sites to make sure that their advertisement lands on the first results page. When caught, its sure criteria for getting your account banned.

4. Jump Pages
Jump pages, bridge pages, and gateway pages all have one thing in common. They serve mainly to contain a direct link of the merchant’s site on a website that is affiliated to it. While it may be harmless, it can be quite deceptive given that that page could’ve been visited primarily for the information that, as it ends up, is not there.

Instead of providing information that the searcher is looking for, he or she is assaulted by this “buy now!” or avail now!” scheme that can cause unnecessary pressure.

All in all, Google AdWords ban accounts that doesn’t better or even worsen the searching experience. Instead of creating a space of information, these banned sites are getting in the way of the experience and are deceiving and wasting the searcher’s time.

To keep your site from being banned, just think about bettering the experience and keeping it authentic.


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