The Risk Of Promoting Your Business With AdWords


First we need to understand what AdWords is. Adwords is an advertising platform that can be used by an entrepreneur to promote his or her business online. 


Google AdWords is the most effective way to promote your business online, if you are intending to sell online and get laser targeted traffic to your online business.

Adwords is owned by Google and it involves bidding for keywords, potential clients search for online, while it helps a business to grow sales locally or regionally while also allowing people to find the goods or services they are looking for. It is a good way to drive traffic to your site.

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Now let me talk about a good example that happened to me: I happen to own am online business where I used to sell beach accessories. People come around to this beach where had my shop located and it got to a time where I was getting discouraged as there was not enough foot traffic at the shop so I was trying to look for another avenue to make money.

After due consultation with friends and some other business entrepreneurs, I was told that I should use Google AdWords that it will help my business and help attract customers and so I found out what the process took and I went for it.

I was told that as people click on my ads, that price will be determined on how many other advertisers bid for that keyword as well the click trough rate – so at first, it was slow but gradually I started getting customers and I was making enough money; my investment was beginning to pay off until something happened.

I was working checking the traffic our business was generating online and I discovered that there was no increase in number, I was scared at first but then I felt it was normal business setback until two weeks later, it was still the same story in fact with a slight reduction in number, so I tried calling my friend who helped me and he told me not to worry.

I discovered that my AdWords account had been banned and the painful thing about it was that I invested an a lot of money in my new website but without traffic that site was worthless.

I was shocked and angry to say the least; I was not myself for a while as even my employees noticed and they asked me what happened but all I could tell them was that I simply made a bad investment, I mean how could I tell them that I just lost a lot of money with a website I built but got useless after Adwords suspended my account.


I found it difficult to cope with life because I was gradually losing customers in my beach shop.  Eventually I had to find a way of paying my employees off thanks to my personal savings and by the time I was done doing that I had nothing left, could not pay mortgage and was eventually pushed out to the streets; now I have nothing left and I have decided that others should know that you have to be very careful with Adwords, as they suspended accounts very fast.



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