Did AdWords Suspended Your Account – Learn How To Get Back


Resources: Free AdWords  Appeal Letter & Plan of Action Template

This is an issue affecting newbie’s and professional internet marketers alike.  In my research, I came across many “Adwords Banned” horror stories where people’s livelihood was destroyed from one day to the other.

Google Adwords is the dominant force in online advertisement as they control 70% of the online search market. Some people even perceive it as a monopoly.

The prices for Adwords ads are determined through ‘bidding’ on a keyword is a fair and valid process. However, Google is abusing its monopoly how it deals with Adwords customers.

Google uses sophisticated software to monitor any violations to their terms & condition. Most Google Adwords account get suspended without any human being reviewing the decision made by the software. In some cases the decision to suspend an Adwords Account is justified.

However, sometimes it’s not. The real issue here is that Google does not provide any credible and transparent process to appeal the Adwords ban. In many cases, Google will not even disclose why an account has been suspended. This is were Adwords has to change, how can it be that people’s livelihood depend on an automated decision made based on some algorithm?

If you have been suspended from Google Adwords, it’s not the end of the world. It happened to me before, and I managed to get back. I spend a lot of time finding a solution online, the most useful and easiest way to get back on Google was described in the eBook written by Peter Bergmann.

Bergmann describes step by step how to open a new Adwords account and what is necessary not  to get suspended again.

I am glad my ads appear again on Google. It was a very difficult time for me when I was banned from Adwords and I thought my business is destroyed. This experience changed the way how I see Google dramatically before I really liked this company.

At the end it’s about making money, there are no alternatives to Adwords. The “Get AdWords Unbanned” guide is not cheap, however, the investment paid off, as I am back in business.



  1. Stefanus Wijaya says

    Hello i am from indonesia, is this book really work?

    1. David says

      Yes, It worked for. even created an AdWords backup account.

  2. Dan says

    Hi, is the step by step in the ebook still work in 2018?

    1. John W. says

      Yes, they have a 2018 version out.

  3. brutusdegaper says

    If the states do not match up, then you will likely get a suspended AdWords account.

  4. henry787 says

    I followed your instruction in the Get AdWords Unbanned guide! So far no problem. I need to contact AdWords support. Can I give them my skype number? If they call the skype number, the phone call will transfer to my cell phone which was associated with my suspended Amazon account. Will AdWords find out the skype number is not a real number?

    1. admin says

      I would recommend contacting them via email if possible.

  5. Lawrence says

    How does AdWords track IP addresses from computers. Typically most computers on a network run the same 192.168.X.X ip structure. They would be canceling millions of account based solely on computer ip addresses for that matter. Are they actually tracking the ip address and mac address of say the cable modem? So, should I exchange the router with the cable company to get a new mac address? As for a new address, will USPS mailbox work, since they now have the option of street addressing, example PO Box 6692 at our local post office can be 1231 Burleson Road #6692?

    1. admin says

      AdWords does not ban accounts only based on the IP address. They combine different data to determine if they account will be shutdown.

      For example if you open a new AdWords account in your name with the same IP address it will be suspended. However, if you change your IP you can open that new account under your name.

  6. Paul222 says

    Here is what I found about how Google AdWords tracking you

    “They use an advanced algorithm to keep you out from AdWords.

    your name, the site you promote, the ISP you use, your credit card info, cookies on your computer and your geo-position info are used against you to known who you are in order to freeze the new accounts you create.

    and every time you try to create a new account and they discover you they collect more and more data about you to have more chance to detect you next time you try to create a new account.”

    so it’s best to take as many precautions as possible if this does happen to you.

  7. Steve says

    I put together a list why people get their AdWords Account suspended:

    False or Misleading Initiatives
    Fraud is a big deal when it comes to Google, and the rest of civilization otherwise it wouldn’t be a federal offence. Unfortunately, the provided anonymity of the internet house more scams than you believe. Free offers that actually weren’t free. Card payments that you can’t stop or get in contact with the business. Winning competitions and securing details, the list can go on and on so now Google is clamping down hard on any advertiser who decides to take this path. You have been warned.

    Using Trademarked Keywords and Niche Terms
    Advertisers are a savvy bunch when it comes to coat tailing of big brands success. Google had begun to receive a number of complaints from big names like Samsung, Disney, Apple, Gucci, and more which were usually connected to frauds, scams, and other types of push/pressure marketing tactics. Go down this road, and Google will clamp down on you too.

    Poor Quality Websites/Pages
    Google is a mega business and knows what it takes to get where they are. Low quality websites are not the way and Google crawls countless websites in order to increase the information available to users. If your website offers little information, and has an equally poor format or layout, prepare to have your account blocked.

    Fake Goods (Imitations)
    Imitation products are fake, and fake products are illegal. Suffice to say that if you Google finds your website selling fake or imitated products then say goodbye to your Adwords account. Many scammers have used real pictures, descriptions, and products videos to lure mislead customers to their website, only to be let down shortly after.

  8. Stevo999 says

    Does this book really work? I am just a little bit worried… I also need to get back in Adwords soo bad. I need to make some money.

    1. Tim says

      Well, it’s not cheap. But it worked for me. I have a new Adwords account….

  9. LisaT says

    I am using Adwords already for 8 years without any problems. You guys DESERVE to be suspended. We don’t need newbies unnecessarily increasing prices of Ads.

  10. Gates789 says

    I just hate Adwords. I tried to appeal but no chance to talk to a human being over there at big G. After I got suspended those Adwords people treating me like a criminal. I feel horrible. I just don’t know how to deal with this situation.

  11. Rammstein says

    My hole business is destroyed. I tried to advertise with Yahoo and Facebook. So far no luck. I really need to get back on Adwords.

  12. Danny212 says

    I have been suspended from Adwords for promoting some Clickbank products. If they just would have giving me some warning. Now I have a lifetime Adwords Ban. It is such a nightmare.

  13. Martin says

    Why does Adwords treat us all like S**T. We deserve better. I had to take antidepressant drugs, after my entire business got put on hold and I stated to loose money. It’s very difficult to deal with a situation like that. Especially as Google refuses to tell me why I got banned.

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