Most Likely Reasons Why AdWords Suspended Your Account & How To Appeal 


Google AdWords is by far the most fantastic direct marketing machine you can ever use.


However, since Google applied a stricter approach in its advertising rules a few years back, many advertisers can no longer use this powerful advertising channel. This is actually an important part of Google’s ongoing campaign to fight illegal products, scams and spyware. Furthermore, Google also wants to provide a convenient browsing experience for Internet users.Violating these advertising rules could get your AdWords account banned by Google.

There are many rules that you need to follow if you want to keep advertising in AdWords, but to keep it simple, you can start by knowing the most common reasons Adwords bans advertisers so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

 Misleading AdWords Campaigns 

There are various kinds of frauds all over the Internet. Everyday you can always find a new type of scam, such as free offers that are not really free, recurring payment that never ends from a deceitful offer, and many others. Google is determined to stop facilitating such negative practices and will ban any advertiser who does so.

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Trademark Keywords or Terms

Google has had enough of receiving complaints from prominent companies like Apple, Samsung, Gucci, Disney and others regarding advertisers who target their trademark keywords. Usually it’s involving frauds or unethical advertising suggesting that the similar products they offer have better quality and value.

Low Quality Websites

Google has a standard for the advertiser’s website as a way to enhance browsing experience of Internet users. Usually Google is targeting websites that’s built with poor layout and too little information, especially those landing pages that only intend to take you to a merchant’s site through an affiliate link.

Fake Goods

Needless to say that selling counterfeit products is against the law, so there is no way that Google will allow anyone to use AdWords to advertise fake Gucci bags, Nike shoes, Rolex, or others. The worst thing is many of these advertisers even advertise these fake products as real products to fool customers.


Paying Invoice 

Although you have followed all the guidelines Google will still ban your account if you fail to pay your invoice on time. You don’t really think you can use this service without paying, do you?

Violating Other Google Policies

Just because you’re using AdWords, it doesn’t mean that you should only follow Google product policies to avoid getting banned. There are also webmaster guidelines that you need to follow. So if you use black hat SEO techniques, stuff your website with low quality content and practice other unethical techniques like cloaking or such, your account will be banned anytime soon.


How To Reinstate Your AdWords Account

Although most people think that it’s a long shot to try to reinstate your banned Adwords account, but actually there is hope. If you think that your account is banned by mistake or you feel that you just made a small mistake, then you can contact Google and make a request to reinstate your account. A lot of people feel pessimistic about contacting Google for account reinstatement because usually they won’t get any response.

However, things have changed now and Google actually has done a great job in improving their support.

Based on your particular case, the reinstatement process could take somewhere between 24 hours to 3 months if it’s doable.


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