How to Appeal your AdWords Ban – Step-by-Step


Getting your AdWords account banned is a serious blow to those of you who are largely dependent on this platform for promoting their websites and services.

Most of the time Google bans someone’s account for “Severe violations” of their AdWords rules, these can be anything from illegal contents to suspicious billing activity or even landing page issues.

However, you can fix those issues and get your AdWords account reinstated in no time if you think Google made a mistake and all of your contents are legitimate. Below are the steps that you can follow:

Step 1:Why did AdWords Ban?

Read the mail that Google AdWords team has sent you, and try to look for the reason for which your AdWords account was banned, you’ll find it almost every time

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Step 2: Try to address those issues quickly.

Just go to your AdWords account and enable the “policy details” option to see the policies that your website is violating and solve them.

Step 3: DO NOT create another

AdWords account in the meantime as that account would also be suspended leading to a permanent ban from Google Adwords platform. Google is very strict about such matters.

Step 4: Repair your Suspended Site. 

If your site is suspended, Adwords has written a strategy to fix your suspended site and resubmit a review.

Step 5:  Repair the disapproved ads

If your ads are disapproved, please read the AdWords policies under “How to fix disapproved ads” for correction.

Step 6: Ask Google for policy questions:

If you’re still confused and in doubt and would like Adwords to answer your questions about “Ads or “Guidelines,” please ask them here.

Step 7: Any other reason:

Review the reasons above to find out why your AdWords account is suspended. Once you have a clear idea of why your account was mainly suspended, you can proceed to the next step.

Please do not submit your ads for review until you are sure the violations have been resolved. If you are still having trouble finding the exact reason, it is always better to hire a specialist.

Step: 8 Submit Appeal

Your next strategy should be to reach the Google Adwords team. There are various possibilities for that One way is to file an appeal against AdWords Suspended account or call them. If you are confused about what to do or have any reservations or concerns, you can always ask your AdWords account manager to do so.

However, I would recommend to appeal inside your AdWords account. First select the reason why Google got your AdWords banned then fill the rest of the form carefully and hit “Submit” button.

The strategy is that you need to be a professional and give the impression that you are taking your business and your relationship with Google Adwords very seriously so that the Google team understands your situation.

Next, you need to tell them what kind of policies you violated and how you corrected them.

After making all of the necessary changes to your Ad, you need to submit an appeal, but before that make sure to leave no stone unturned. Change your billing information, double check to see if your ad groups are set up according to the AdWord’s policies.

7) Patience:

Patience is the key here because you have to be patient so that you can be properly cared for Please note that the review and the entire process can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. You may need to call several times to solve the problem.

Note: Google reviews most of the sites within 3 business days (weekends excluded) and if they find that you’ve fixed all of the issues they will approve your appeal and reinstate your account in no time.

Once your appeal is accepted, you’re done, just try not to violate any policies in the future.

If your AdWords account has been suspended as well, leave a comment below and share you experience with us you had with AdWords.


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