How Google AdWords Destroyed My Online Business Overnight


With the expansion of online services, marketing has become a lot easier. But it’s also easy to loose everything overnight  if you put all your all your eggs in one basket. 


I am not an exception in that. I was using the online services of Google AdWords for promoting my travel agency business. I did all my promoting through Google AdWords. I used the pay per click which is in short called the PPC marketing.  So, what is Google AdWords and how does it help in the business and its promotion. Let’s go through a short discussion on Google AdWords. Google AdWords actually appear to be short text advertisements which comprises of a single headline and some short lines that best tells about what your business is about and what you are doing. These lines could also be said as keywords that drags the attention of the customers to your business webpage.

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The message in technical terms is referred to as the ‘call to action’. It is important that the message that you put in the advertisement is written good enough to get people’s attention. I did all research that I could do and made the best lines and it really worked for me to get more attention. I was getting more and more customers than before. In fact, Google AdWords is one among the best and powerful marketing strategies to get more and more visitors to your business webpage.

The best part in this method is that you just need to pay when someone clicks on the advertisement placed and gets directed to your webpage. And, I made a great research to choose among the keywords that would best suit my promotion for my travel agency business and finally had the best set of keywords advertised attracting more and more customers to my site. So, this is how it worked and this is how I combined with Google AdWords for my business promotion. I paid Google for every single click on the advertisement.

I was getting more and more customers through Google and this has also improved for me to take my business a long way from the state I started the business. It was really working out.  One day, Google locked my account. I had no other choice of opening a new account.

I could not contact them. And the security issues with Google do not work to be of help or on my favor. Since my google account was blocked, I lost everything in my business. I need to open a new account, sign up a new service and wait till things start working with this new account. This is really horrible.  It would not take me much time or energy to do this again. But, the worst part is that it consumes time and you lose the trust of your customers. Customers are the most valuable people in any business.



To keep up their trust is the first step you take in your business to earn profit. If you miss that, it means that you need to start all over again from the scratch. In business, time is the most valuable thing than money.

If time is missed, then you miss everything. So, please be careful with all these issues, when you are dealing with Google accounts and their services.



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