Adwords Monopoly

Until my Adwords account was suspended I never realized that Google has virtual monopoly on online advertisement.

Before I got banned, I thought there would be alternatives to Adwords, e.g. Facebook, Bing, Yahoo etc. In the aftermath of seeing my business destroyed I can confirm there are no substitutes to Adwords if you use online advertisement to generate leads.

Facebook is the second most visited website on this planet. Some people claim that there is no other website on the internet users spend more time on than FB.

That all sounds pretty amazing, the only issue FB is having that the traffic just does not convert. Many Internet marketers, (I don’t mean the guys who promise to tell you the secret formula how to make 1 million usd a month online without a product, any experience and without selling anything) came to the conclusion that FB just does not work for most online businesses.

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FB has until today not really figured out a way to make money with his audience. FB lost more than 50% of its value since the IPO. People were expecting FB to be the next Google Adwords. But as well know by now are not even close.  A good example would be AdSense. Did you ever check the CTR rate of your Adwords ads shown on the Google Partner Network? The CTR’s are just so crap I actually make sure my Ads only show on Google when people search for stuff.

Online advertisement as any other form of ads needs to be highly targeted in order to be efficient. If somebody is searching for the new Mac Book Air in Google, the chances are pretty high that this visitor is actually interested in buying a laptop from Apple. However, if someone clicks on ‘like’ because his friend just uploaded a pic of his new Mac Book does not necessarily mean that person has real interest in buying a new laptop. Advertising on Facebook is like trying to sell underwear to people walking down a busy street, it does not work.

If you try to sell to people who are not in the mood in buying they will just ignore you, same thing what’s happening on Facebook.

In my opinion Bing and Yahoo are great search engines, but the lack the volume to actually deliver any meaningful amount of visitors to your website.

After Adwords decided to suspend my account I realized how depending my life, my business was on Google. I knew whatever I wanted to sell online I needed the help of Adwords. Googles lifetime ban was something I just could not accept.

How can a minimum wage slave in the Adwords suspension department decide on the future of my family, my business, in a couple of seconds without even explaining why they decided to suspend my  account?


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