Adwords Banned My Account Unfairly

I use Adwords for many years. I build my entire ecommerce business on Google. Last week Adwords suspended my account. I tried to speak with Google to restore my account without any success. They don’t even want to tell me why they suspended my account.


I am in the beach accessories business. We are importing Havaianas flip flops from Brazil and sell them online in Europe and the US. This Adwords suspension hit me really hard, as I have more than $20 000 USD worth of flip flops and bikinis in stock.

My business is destroyed. I stopped making money from one day to the other. I feel under so much pressure I even had to take anti stress drugs.

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I have 3 people who work for me as well to take care my family. This Adwords suspension got me in a really difficult situation.

I believe people who use Adwords to promote their business should know how dangerous it is to build your business on Google. If one day some Adwords employee reviews your account and he is just in a bad mood he can close your business instantly. It is virtually impossible to reinstate your account. Once you have been suspended, you are “guilty”.

Google is abusing their power in online advertisement, as they have a monopoly on paid advertisement. I tried Facebook, Bing and Yahoo. They sent me some leads and helped me to get some random sales. However, my revenue is still down by more than 90%. The only way to get my business back is to find away how to get my Adwords account unsuspended.

I opened a couple of times new Adwords account. It never took more than 48 hours until Google suspended my account again.

 I did a lot of research online on being suspended from Adwords, without any success. I really hope I will find a solution soon, otherwise I really don’t have any idea what do.


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  1. Daneil111 says

    If Adwords does not tell you why got suspended, I can. I assume you were bidding for the Keyword “Havaianas” which is a registered trademark. So if this company complaint about you at Adwords, they will suspended your account immediately. I know it’s not nice, but that’s life.

  2. Nuch222 says

    I am an experienced online marketer. But the Adwords suspension really hit me in the face. Before I thought Google are the “good people”. That’s just f*&^& Bu$$%!!!

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