Adwords Account Suspended Solution?


I have been running my own e-commerce business for some time now until last week when AdWords decided to suspend my account.

Over the last couple of years, I was importing iPhone accessories from China and selling them on my website. The reason stated for my account suspension was that I would be selling inauthentic items. I felt very disappointed because I always purchased my goods from very reputable suppliers in China.

I appealed my account suspension right away and explained to Google that I can provide supplier invoices that prove that all items I was selling on my website are 100% authentic. Google AdWords got back to me and explained that they would reinstate my account immediately if I can prove that all my goods are indeed authentic.

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I felt very confident that I would be back in business very fast. So I sent all the invoices I had from my suppliers right away to Google AdWords. I was expecting that all my Ads would appear again in the Google search results within 1 or 2 days. It all appeared it so easy that it’s almost felt too easy to get my AdWords account reinstated that fast.

After two days my Ads still did not appear in the search results and my account still seemed to be suspended. I decided to get in contact with Google again and clarify why it takes them so long to process my appeal. After other 3 days passed and I started to get seriously worried because Google AdWords seemed to ignore all the messages and decided reply.

After waiting for almost an entire week I received a reply from AdWords stating that they would not be able to reinstate my content because day could not verify the authenticity of those invoices.

I started to get really stressed out because I just could not understand that my entire business, that I have built over so many years was seriously under threat of being shut down indefinitely. I even had it to take some antidepressant drugs because I wasn’t able to deal with the stress anymore.

I had $35,000 USD locked up in my inventory and I had serious cash flow challenges. I needed to start selling again as fast as possible so I could get some money into my bank account and cover all the business expenses. I was never in my life so close to bankruptcy then at this point.

I started to do a lot of research online on how to get it back o AdWords after they suspended your account.

I found this guide written by Peter Bergmann called ‘Get AdWords Unbanned‘, it was the only viable solution I could find online and I thought I would try it out. I’ve followed all the steps in the manual and I was back on AdWords within 24 hours. It worked in my situation, but I can not guarantee it will also work for you.

If your AdWords account has been suspended, as well please leave a comment below and share your story.

My impression is that AdWords is treating advertisers like dirt, the only way we can fight back us if we share our stories together.



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