Adwords Suspension Solution?

This is an issue affecting newbie’s and professional internet marketers alike.  In my research I came across many “Adwords Banned” horror stories where people’s livelihood was destroyed from one day to the other.

ho90daGoogle Adwords is the dominate force in online advertisement as they control 70% of the online search market. Some people even perceive it as monopoly.

The prices for Adwords ads are determined through ‘bidding’ on keyword is fair and valid process. However, Google is abusing its monopoly how it deals with Adwords customers.

Google uses sophisticated software to monitor any violations to their terms & condition. Most Google Adwords account get suspended without any human being reviewing the decision made by the software. In some cases the decision to suspend an Adwords Account is justified.

However, sometimes it’s not.  The real issue here is that Google does not provide any creditable and transparent process to appeal the Adwords ban.  In many cases Google will not even disclose why an account has been suspended. This is were Adwords has to change, how can it be that peoples livelihood depend on an automated decision made based on some algorithm?

If you have been suspended from Google Adwords, it’s not the end of the world. It happened to me before, and I managed to get back. It spend a lot of time finding a solution online, the most useful and easiest way to get back on Google was described in the eBook written by Peter Bergmann.

Bergmann describes step by step how to open a new Adwords account and what is necessary not  to get suspended again.

I am glad my ads appear again on Google. It was a very difficult time for me when I was banned from Adwords and I thought my business is destroyed. This experience changed the way how I see Google dramatically, before I really liked this company.

At the end it’s about making money, there are no alternatives to Adwords. The “AdWords Ghost” guide is not cheap, however, the investment paid off, as I am back in business.

Startup hit with AdWords Account Suspension

We are a young group of coders in LA who develop special tools for Lotus notes administrators.


Last month we finished our third round with Venture Capital investors. However, last week AdWords decided to suspend our account without any warning.

We would like to utilize other advertising channels. However, it’s virtually impossible reach our target audience with any other advertising network.

System administrators don’t spend to much time on Facebook, they hardly use Yahoo or Bing for searching online.

When we signed up for AdWords we also tried all other big ad networks, but we could see that only AdWords sent us quality traffic that also brought in sales.

Our startup is now in a very challenging position as our turnover plummeted to almost zero, because we are unable to publish any ads with your suspended account.

We feel that Google or AdWords should have at least given us some kind of information what we did wrong and as well a warning before banning our account.

We tried to appeal the AdWords ban, but we were only told not to get in touch with Google or AdWords again.

They were treating us really bad. I never came across such an arrogant organization as Google. They know they have no real competition.


In our desperation we also tried to open new AdWords accounts but we did not get lucky. Our ads went straight into review without ever showing up on the Google search result page.

We are honest people running a business selling 100% legal software. We even took the time to read the entire Terms & Condition of Google Adwords before we published our first Ads for our startup.

Our ads were running successfully for a couple of months. As most AdWords user we made some changes to our keywords as well the territories we were targeting. However, we never bid on any registered trademarks or brand names. We also made sure the text from our Ads adhered to strict rules set out by AdWords.

To make it short, we have no idea what made AdWords disable our account. We tried to get an answer from Google. However, they reply was very vague, only stating that we were in violation with the T&C’s.

In that email was also a link to page showing the T&C’s, however, the link was not to any specific rule we broke.

I spend hours researching online on how people get banned from adverting with Google. First I discovered that we were not alone. There must be thousands of other AdWords user who got they account suspended.

Below some people on YouTube who had their AdWords account banned:

So using AdWords for business is like driving a really old car, you never know how long it will work. Your business is not safe if you rely on AdWords. They can disable your account ANY TIME without any warning. There is no structured and fair appeal process in place. You will have to rely someone working somewhere in India with a 2$ an hour salary to decide the future of your company.

You will not be able to talk to talk to anyone even close to any Google office concerning your AdWords account suspension.

In my opinion regulators should intervene as Google is abusing is dominant market position in online adverting.


Why I Hate AdWords

I’m using AdWords for really long time. Till this period everything was going well with my account on AdWords. I was buying stuffs, selling products and services, giving support to other customers, etc. But, something went wrong. I got AdWords suspension and I lost everything.

adwords-1 I’m wondering why this happened to my account and why I got an AdWords suspension. According to a research that I did on this topic, I found out some different ways about why AdWords is suspending accounts and how you can recover from this process even if you lose everything on your old AdWords account. Continue reading

Adwords Suspension Disaster

I am 34 years old born and raced in LA. About 10 years ago I moved to Hong Kong. I love my life here. I would never move back to the US. I used to export all kind of electronics to the US and Europe until Adwords suspended my account.


To be honest I feel kind of stupid having only relied on Adwords for business. My sales are down more than seventy percent since last week when I got suspended. Continue reading

Adwords Monopoly

Until my Adwords account was suspended I never realized that Google has virtual monopoly on online advertisement.

Before I got banned, I thought there would be alternatives to Adwords, e.g. Facebook, Bing, Yahoo etc. In the aftermath of seeing my business destroyed I can confirm there are no substitutes to Adwords if you use online advertisement to generate leads.

Facebook is the second most visited website on this planet. Some people claim that there is no other website on the internet users spend more time on than FB. Continue reading

Adwords Banned My Account Unfairly

I use Adwords for many years. I build my entire ecommerce business on Google. Last week Adwords suspended my account. I tried to speak with Google to restore my account without any success. They don’t even want to tell me why they suspended my account.


I am in the beach accessories business. We are importing Havaianas flip flops from Brazil and sell them online in Europe and the US. Continue reading