Adwords Suspension Solution?

This is an issue affecting newbie’s and professional internet marketers alike.  In my research I came across many “Adwords Banned” horror stories where people’s livelihood was destroyed from one day to the other.

ho90daGoogle Adwords is the dominate force in online advertisement as they control 70% of the online search market. Some people even perceive it as monopoly.

The prices for Adwords ads are determined through ‘bidding’ on keyword is fair and valid process. However, Google is abusing its monopoly how it deals with Adwords customers.

Google uses sophisticated software to monitor any violations to their terms & condition. Most Google Adwords account get suspended without any human being reviewing the decision made by the software. In some cases the decision to suspend an Adwords Account is justified.

However, sometimes it’s not.  The real issue here is that Google does not provide any creditable and transparent process to appeal the Adwords ban.  In many cases Google will not even disclose why an account has been suspended. This is were Adwords has to change, how can it be that peoples livelihood depend on an automated decision made based on some algorithm?

If you have been suspended from Google Adwords, it’s not the end of the world. It happened to me before, and I managed to get back. It spend a lot of time finding a solution online, the most useful and easiest way to get back on Google was described in the eBook written by Peter Bergmann.

Bergmann describes step by step how to open a new Adwords account and what is necessary not  to get suspended again.

I am glad my ads appear again on Google. It was a very difficult time for me when I was banned from Adwords and I thought my business is destroyed. This experience changed the way how I see Google dramatically, before I really liked this company.

At the end it’s about making money, there are no alternatives to Adwords. The “AdWords Ghost” guide is not cheap, however, the investment paid off, as I am back in business.

Adwords Suspension Disaster

I am 34 years old born and raced in LA. About 10 years ago I moved to Hong Kong. I love my life here. I would never move back to the US. I used to export all kind of electronics to the US and Europe until Adwords suspended my account.


To be honest I feel kind of stupid having only relied on Adwords for business. My sales are down more than seventy percent since last week when I got suspended.

I contacted Adwords in Hong Kong as well in the US. They just don’t want to answer even the simplest questions  such as ‘Why was my Adwords account suspended?’

I have built that business over the last 8 years. I am selling all kind of electronic accessories I source in Shenzhen. I do all the research and development and then outsource the production to mainland China.


My business only works with Adwords, that was the only way how I managed to find my buyers in past. I do mostly wholesale to small and medium sized shops in the US and UK. The last couple of days I tried alternatives (Facebook, Bing  and Yahoo). They were all a big disappointment. I did not make one sale, even I spend more than $1000 USD on campaigns there. This Adwords suspension is a real nightmare. I really feel treated unfairly by Google and Adwords.

Whatever I did wrong, I deserve to know why I got suspended. We are all humans. Sometime we make mistakes, we can only learn from them if we are told what we did wrong.

Just imagine you go to University and you make one little mistake, after they decide to ban you for life from ever studying again. Would not that be really unfair?

That’s how I feel about Adwords, they  banned me for Life from ever using Adwords again, without giving me any reason.

I have family to take care of, my children already going to school. I have no idea how I can pay for all that without the money I normally make off my business.

Adwords can suspend my account, but I am not a guy who just gives up easy. I will do whatever is necessary to get my business back and start making money again.


I already tried to several times to open a new Adwords account. Until now I was not to lucky. I always got my account banned within days. The Ads did not show most of the time. Inside the Adwords Control Panel they always showed that ‘Pending Review” message. I am not sure what went wrong, but I assume there were able to link my old Adwords account with the new account.

I am just doing some testing to see how they were able to connect the banned account with new account I created. It might have been my IP address or some other things Google might store on my computer.

I will continue doing research on why Adwords suspended my account as well on how to get back. I will keep you updated.

Adwords Monopoly

Until my Adwords account was suspended I never realized that Google has virtual monopoly on online advertisement.

Before I got banned, I thought there would be alternatives to Adwords, e.g. Facebook, Bing, Yahoo etc. In the aftermath of seeing my business destroyed I can confirm there are no substitutes to Adwords if you use online advertisement to generate leads.

Facebook is the second most visited website on this planet. Some people claim that there is no other website on the internet users spend more time on than FB.

That all sounds pretty amazing, the only issue FB is having that the traffic just does not convert. Many Internet marketers, (I don’t mean the guys who promise to tell you the secret formula how to make 1 million usd a month online without a product, any experience and without selling anything) came to the conclusion that FB just does not work for most online businesses.

FB has until today not really figured out a way to make money with his audience. FB lost more than 50% of its value since the IPO. People were expecting FB to be the next Google Adwords. But as well know by now are not even close.  A good example would be AdSense. Did you ever check the CTR rate of your Adwords ads shown on the Google Partner Network? The CTR’s are just so crap I actually make sure my Ads only show on Google when people search for stuff.

Online advertisement as any other form of ads needs to be highly targeted in order to be efficient. If somebody is searching for the new Mac Book Air in Google, the chances are pretty high that this visitor is actually interested in buying a laptop from Apple. However, if someone clicks on ‘like’ because his friend just uploaded a pic of his new Mac Book does not necessarily mean that person has real interest in buying a new laptop. Advertising on Facebook is like trying to sell underwear to people walking down a busy street, it does not work.

If you try to sell to people who are not in the mood in buying they will just ignore you, same thing what’s happening on Facebook.

In my opinion Bing and Yahoo are great search engines, but the lack the volume to actually deliver any meaningful amount of visitors to your website.

After Adwords decided to suspend my account I realized how depending my life, my business was on Google. I knew whatever I wanted to sell online I needed the help of Adwords. Googles lifetime ban was something I just could not accept.

How can a minimum wage slave in the Adwords suspension department decide on the future of my family, my business, in a couple of seconds without even explaining why they decided to suspend my  account?

Adwords Banned My Account Unfairly

I use Adwords for many years. I build my entire ecommerce business on Google. Last week Adwords suspended my account. I tried to speak with Google to restore my account without any success. They don’t even want to tell me why they suspended my account.

I am in the beach accessories business. We are importing Havaianas flip flops from Brazil and sell them online in Europe and the US. This Adwords suspension hit me really hard, as I have more than $20 000 USD worth of flip flops and bikinis in stock.

My business is destroyed. I stopped making money from one day to the other. I feel under so much pressure I even had to take anti stress drugs.

I have 3 people who work for me as well to take care my family. This Adwords suspension got me in a really difficult situation.

I believe people who use Adwords to promote their business should know how dangerous it is to build your business on Google. If one day some Adwords employee reviews your account and he is just in a bad mood he can close your business instantly. It is virtually impossible to reinstate your account. Once you have been suspended, you are “guilty”.

Google is abusing their power in online advertisement, as they have a monopoly on paid advertisement. I tried Facebook, Bing and Yahoo. They sent me some leads and helped me to get some random sales. However, my revenue is still down by more than 90%. The only way to get my business back is to find away how to get my Adwords account unsuspended.

I opened a couple of times new Adwords account. It never took more than 48 hours until Google suspended my account again.

 I did a lot of research online on being suspended from Adwords, without any success. I really hope I will find a solution soon, otherwise I really don’t have any idea what do.